GPS tracking gives you an inexpensive tool that delivers valuable results.


With mobile employees, effective management depends on knowing where they are, where they've been, and what they are doing.
SmartLocate puts complete, real-time location, time card information, and messaging at your fingertips.

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Right resource, right place, right time

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Track location and speed to reduce traffic offenses

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Locate employees while they're on the job

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Verify time sheets and mileage

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Enhance communication with your field team

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Increase productivity with better real-time and historical oversight


SmartLocate has helped us run more efficient operations, and connect with our field workers more easily. We’ve increased service call efficiency by 15% and customer satisfaction is at an all-time high.


  • Pinpoint the current location of your employees and mobile resources on a detailed web-based map.

  • Identify drivers, jobs, assets and landmarks with custom icons on the map. Quickly identify a qualified worker closest to the job.

  • Provide full mobile time card functionality.

  • Be alerted automatically when a mobile resource enters or leaves a user-defined area (GeoFencing).

  • Play back a history of where resources have been for any day or time (Breadcrumb Trail).

  • Monitor and alert on user-defined speeding conditions.

  • Monitor and report on stop locations and time.